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Tempest Enable 8.5

Tempest Enable 8.5

Tempest is the name for Roxar’s reservoir simulation software suite. This version of Tempest has five separately licensable modules:

  • Tempest MORE which is a full field black oil and compositional simulator.
  • Tempest VIEW which provides facilities for pre- and post-processing data for the MORE, ECLIPSE, VIP, CMG and POWERS simulators, as well as running simulation jobs. It includes the Lift program for generating well performance tables and the Report Generator for tabular file output.
  • Tempest ENABLE which is a statistical tool that you use with your reservoir simulator to manage and to aid the simulation process. ENABLE is used primarily for history matching, uncertainty analysis, and development optimisation.
  • Tempest PVTx which provides interactive equation of state modelling.
  • Tempest VENTURE which allows economic analysis of any loaded simulation model for asset valuation and optimization.

The modules are activated by options encoded in the program’s license file. The modules’ functionality is accessed from the main tabs in the Data Supervisor window. The program’s About Box, which is accessible using the Help|About… menu option, shows which programs and modules are available.


This version of Tempest includes the following major facilities:

  • Tempest VIEW

    • Reading of MORE, ECLIPSE, VIP, CMG or POWERS output produced on Windows or Linux desktops or clusters.
    • Production of fast 3D views of the reservoir and its properties.
    • 2D graphing of well and group rates and totals.
    • Navigation of simulation input data structures.
    • Editing of simulation input decks.
    • Creation of simple MORE input simulation decks.
    • Preparation of well rate and event data.
    • Submission of simulation jobs, monitoring the run and automatic reloading of simulation results.
    • Generation of tabular reports.

  • Tempest PVTx

    • Definition of fluid systems for equation of state fitting.
    • Graphical and tabular display of observed and simulated PVT experimental results.
    • Tuning of equation of state parameters to experimental results.
    • Output of PVT data ready for inclusion into simulator input decks.
    • Output of calibration tables for the Roxar multiphase flow meters.

  • Tempest VENTURE

    • Automatic creation of annual production statements for any loaded simulation – MORE, ECLIPSE, VIP, CMG or POWERS.
    • Interactive creation of an economic model, with full save and restore.
    • Discounted cash flow analysis, with line plots and HTML report generation.

  • Common facilities

    • Production of high quality 2D line plots.
    • Saving and restoring the program state.
    • Printing directly to a printer or to a variety of file formats.
    • Copying of data to the clipboard for easy pasting into spreadsheets.
    • Batch mode running.

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