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powerlog 3.4.2

PowerLog® is used every day by petrophysicists, geologists, reservoir engineers and others involved in oil field appraisal and development.
Logplots allow the PowerLog® user to display and edit digital log data and bore hole images through a user-friendly interface. As changes are made, they are immediately reflected in the logplot viewer and all other viewers and processors. Changes made elsewhere are also automatically updated in the logplot viewer.

You can define defaults for curves, tracks, and grids, and can use the full Windows color palette.

Curve styles include:

Continuous line
Discrete points
Color spectrum
Lithology and volume
VDL or T2 distribution (e.g. NMR data)
Bore hole images

Formation tops, text annotation, geologic shading and coding, well header information, and curve headers and footers are available for display.
Product:powerlog 3.4.2