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Roxar RMS v2013

ntroducing a new milestone in reservoir modelling: Model Driven Interpretation

RMS 2013 unites the geophysicist and geologist on a common platform to unlock the value of the geologic models in ways never possible before

Capture uncertainty
Rather than creating one model with thousands of individual measurements, modellers create thousands of models by estimating uncertainty in their interpretations.RMS 2013 can then generate statistically significant ensembles of models based on these probability distributions.

This provides immediate value to geoscientists. For example, uncertainty maps can be used to investigate key risks in the prospect, or areas can be quickly identified for more study. The possibilities are wide and varied, but the fact remains that by capturing uncertainty at the beginning of the geoscience workflow, operators gain the best possible picture of their subsurface risks.

The model is the interpretation
Instead of a serial workflow for interpretation and geomodelling, model-driven interpretation allows geoscientists to guide and update a 3D, geolocially consistent structural model directly from the data. This allows clients to focus their efforts directly where the model needs detail – those challenging, complex geometries so common in reservoirs today.

Furthermore, model driven interpretation provides a forum for cross-disciplinary interactions: geophysicists, with a strong understanding of the complexities of seismic data can work together with geologists, with their understanding of the lithologies and facies

Unlocking the full range of models
RMS also brings exciting new tools to market for analyzing the full range of structural uncertainties. Geoscientists can create suites of model realizations that satisfy many external constraints, from well picks and zone logs to velocity uncertainty and horizon or fault positional uncertainty. These model realizations allow operators to sample and quantify uncertainty in their subsurface parameters further down the value chain.
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