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Argos® can provide you with:

Objective and documented risk analysis at reduced costs and time
On-line presentation of simulation results in dialogue with your client
An expert system for evaluation of response times for fire detectors, response time for fire brigades etc

Argos® has a sophisticated fire-model library, where you can choose between different types of fire:

Solid Fire
Melting Material Fire
Liquid Pool Fire
Liquid Tank Fire
Smouldering Fire
Energy Formula Fire (t^2 fires)
Data Point Fire (the user inputs their own data)

Argos® is a modern Windows program with context sensitive help. Pressing F1 will bring you straight to the relevant help text. It can be run on a single computer or it can be installed on several computers that share the same database. (Each user can also have his own database, but in a company environment, data-sharing is preferred).

Argos® easily produces reports and graphs from inside the program, so there is no need to carry out external data processing. If you wish, the data can be exported to a spreadsheet, such as Excel.

Current users:

Consulting engineers
Insurance companies
Fire authorities
Size:25 MB