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OPTIS SPEOS 2014 for PTC Creo

SPEOS for PTC Creo

World-leading light and human vision simulation solutions directly in Creo.

With twenty years of practical application, SPEOS is the most full featured and realistic tool to create, analyze, and virtually validate innovative lighting systems.
Light Modeling

This package has been defined to help you industrial designers and optical engineers to better understand the behavior of your lighting systems, and finally to optimize it.

This module allows you to simulate and analyze the photometric efficiency of your lighting systems. This is made possible through several tools for illuminance (lux, footcandle….) , luminance (cd/square meter), intensity (candela…).
Propagation takes into account optical properties for surfaces, materials, and source emission. Results (photometry maps, cross-sections, point measurements..) can be used to verify compliance with International Standards or specifications, and even exported to other software solutions.
Product:OPTIS SPEOS 2014 for PTC Creo