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Intergraph ERDAS Orima 2014

ORIMA (Ori -entation Ma -nagement) is a block aerial triangulation software package. It provides fast photogrammetric adjustment solution for large blocks of images. The handling of large blocks is optimized. Blunder detection and elimination is carried out by direct interaction with the graphical interface. This lessens the burden of reading through pages of adjustment results printout during fine tuning of the adjustment process. The results generate refined exterior parameter values which are directly imported into the LPS Block Manager or exported to other software packages. (3 day class)

The Orima training course puts emphasis on the hands-on approach in the study of several workflow procedures. The 3-day class covers the following: How to do an APM-supported triangulation with airborne gps, imu and apm using automatic correlation How to do an APM-supported triangulation without gps and imu data. This procedure introduces the ORIMA block setup method. How to do triangulation of a block without gps. This procedure involves partially-manual tie point measurement (using 2D adjustment) or fully-manual measured tie points. Performing CAP-A adjustment, Block analysis and Blunder detection and elimination. Training data sets are supplied. User supplied data set may also be used, as time allows.
product:Intergraph ERDAS Orima 2014