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Intergraph ERDAS Foundation 2014 v14.0

ERDAS Foundation

With ERDAS 2011 software, the standard installation is a two-part process. Install the ERDAS Foundation first, then install your main software. You only need install the ERDAS Foundation once, and one instance of ERDAS Foundation will support any number of main software packages.

What is ERDAS Foundation?

The ERDAS Foundation is a common pre-requisite shared by several products. It contains many files that support applications which rely upon ERDAS Standard Coordinate System Support:

ERDAS-Net Licensing
The EGM 2008 Vertical Datum
Large binary datum files like NADCON, OSGB
Microsoft Visual Studio runtimes (VCREDIST)

The files in ERDAS Foundation are very large, and are likely to grow rapidly in the future. This comes from an accelerating trend of growth in geodetic datums of the world, which are being collected with increasing precision and density, and which are updated more frequently to reflect seismic and volcanic changes in the Earth’s surface. ERDAS fully supports the latest Earth Gravitational Model (EGM 2008) at the highest level of precision. The ERDAS Foundation permits all ERDAS products share a single copy of this growing collection of large datum files.
product:Intergraph ERDAS Foundation 2014 v14.0