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ENVI v5.6_ IDL v8.8_LiDAR v5.5

ENVI v5.6, IDL v8.8, LiDAR v5.5

ENVI is the industry standard for image processing and analysis. It is used by image analysts, GIS professionals and scientists to extract timely, reliable and accurate information from geospatial imagery. It is scientifically proven, easy to use and tightly integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS platform.

ENVI has remained on the cutting edge of innovation for more than three decades due in part to its support of all types of data including multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal, LiDAR and SAR. ENVI makes deep learning accessible to people through intuitive tools and workflows that don’t require programming. ENVI can also be customized through an API and visual programming environment to meet specific project requirements.

ENVI  |  Intuitive and User Friendly

ENVI is beneficial for everyone from entry level analysts to domain experts. It contains many easy-to-use tools that don’t require advanced training and education in remote sensing to get actionable results. ENVI offers intuitive data visualization, processing and analysis.

A suite of comprehensive data analysis tools are exposed as discrete tasks that guide users through image processing steps. Some of these tools include data calibration, pre-processing, atmospheric correction, pan sharpening, orthorectification and image registration. From there, ENVI workflows can be used to detect changes and anomalies, measure and extract features, model topographic characteristics and much more. Reports of your findings are easily generated and shared.


Built-in workflows for geospatial processing and analysis

ENVI has automated workflows that help users easily and accurately extract information from all types of geospatial data.

product:ENVI v5.6_ IDL v8.8_LiDAR v5.5