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CMG\’s superior technology continues to break new ground for simulator capabilities, model building and the refinement of advanced recovery processes through a combination of parallel processing, dynamic gridding and the multi-physics required to correctly model each process, including cross-disciplinary interactions like thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics, fluid and phase behavior as well as wellbore hydraulics and completions.
IMEX – Three-Phase, Black-Oil Reservoir Simulator

IMEX produces the fastest conventional reservoir simulation results in comparison to other simulation software. IMEX models complex, heterogeneous, faulted oil and gas reservoirs, using millions of grid blocks, to achieve the most reliable predictions and forecasts. Move from history-matched, primary production and waterfloods to enhanced recovery processes in GEM and STARS quickly and easily, with single-button conversion via Builder.

Achieve simulation results faster than any other conventional simulator
Ability to quickly screen a variety of recovery mechanisms before moving forward to a more complex simulation
Accurate modelling of the matrix-fracture transfer in fractured reservoirs
Use the speed of IMEX to simulate shale gas modelling
Seamless integration with CMOST for rapid, accurate history matches and uncertainty analysis, while leveraging limited engineering time
Fast and easy transition to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process modelling in GEM and STARS
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