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Lithotect v5000.0.1.2

What’s In This Release
The LithoTect® 5000.0.1.2 software release is a patch release providing bug fixes for
the 5000.0.1.1 release.
The LithoTect® software uses Landmark’s Application Manager (LAM) product licensing system. The LAM license system is based on Macrovision’s FLEXnet Publisher’s product. Please refer to the LAM Guide – Linux, Solaris and Windows for complete details.
If you currently have access to the Landmark R5000.0.8 OpenWorks database, you will be able to directly import section and volume-based horizons, faults, and seismic, and wells (wellheads, attributes, deviations, and logs). Please refer to the LithoTect application Help menus for information on the OpenWorks import functionality.
To go directly to the bug fixes and known issues for the 5000.0.1.2 release, click on the blue links below:
Fixed Issues
Known Issues
LithoTect software provides state-of-the-art structural geology solutions for advanced analysis and modeling for the complex geology encountered in fold and thrust belt, extensional, strike-slip, and salt deformation regions, as well as unconventional reservoirs. The software includes tools for:
 Data integration
 Depth conversion
 Subsurface interpretation
 Fracture density and distribution quantification
 Interpretation validation (structural restoration and balancing)
 Analyzing fault sealing characteristics
 Constraining burial history models
 Constraining hydrocarbon migration pathways and accumulation zones
The LithoTect application is particularly useful for groups working in areas of complex geology:
 Fold and Overthrust Belts (e.g., Alberta Foothills, Utah Hingeline)
 Extensional Settings (e.g., Gulf of Suez, Offshore West Africa)
 Subsalt Plays (e.g., Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Brazil)
 Fractured Reservoirs (e.g., Utica Shale, Arkoma Basin)
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