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Paradigm Sysdrill 2012

Paradigm™ Sysdrill® 2012, the latest version of Paradigm’s well planning and drilling engineering software package, was developed with the product’s expanding user base in mind, and contains numerous customer-driven functionality enhancements. Compatible with the Paradigm Epos® 4.1 infrastructure, Sysdrill 2012 delivers significant performance improvements, especially for large data sets.

Some of the salient features of the new release are:

Well Planning & Survey Management
Survey management T-plots

Survey management T-plots
Manual project ahead mode and plan vs. actual for projection
Real-time survey mode
ISCWSA updates to Revision 3 + widely adopted extensions to the ISCSWA standard
New graphs for survey management
Survey tool import/export
New map projections

Drilling Engineering

Improved bottom hole assembly (BHA) diagrams
Additional BHA parameters for Torque & Drag and Hydraulics

Torque & Drag
Swivel tool

True tension calculation
Applied pressure support
Stretch & twist plots
Drag and standoff plots
Modeling of swivel and tractor tools
Post-buckling stress and length change calculations
Hole configuration added to calculation results


Managed pressure calculations
Split flow support for Hydraulics & swab surge
Improved swab surge calculations
Hole configuration added to calculation results
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