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Paradigm GOCAD v2017

Paradigm GOCAD v2017
Since 2013, Paradigm GOCAD® and Paradigm SKUA® have been merged into one application, which is now available either as a standalone configuration or running on Paradigm Epos®. Projects from both GOCAD and SKUA can be loaded into the SKUA-GOCADTM application, and SKUA and GOCAD workflows can be shared.

Accurate structural model with GOCAD
Model validation against seismic and well data
Reservoir data analysis

GOCAD® has led the industry for over 20 years in providing the most advanced capabilities for seismic, geological and reservoir modeling. Fully integrated and multi-disciplinary, GOCAD produces accurate results, resulting in more reliable reservoir predictions.

Now, with the SKUA-GOCAD integrated product suite, geoscientists can incorporate difficult model structures, multi-z surfaces and complex faults such as salt dome, overthrust and reverse faults. With a simple to use workflow-based interface, users can obtain results quickly, and when the modeling gets tough, SKUA-GOCAD can handle complexities that other solutions cannot.

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Modeling is at the core of prospect generation and reservoir optimization
SKUA-GOCAD bridges the gap between interpretation and simulation through:

Seismic interpretation and reservoir simulation workflows
Interpretative structural and geological modeling
Population of models with rock properties and reservoir characteristics
Reservoir gridding/upscaling for dynamic simulation
Integration and interpretation of data from all available sources, including familiar databases and formats from OpenWorks®, GeoFrame®, ASCII, LAS, and SEG-Y
Risk analysis that captures and integrates the source of uncertainties at every level of the value chain (geometry, static and dynamic properties)
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