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PCI Geomatica 2013

Geomatica 2012 has been rebuilt from the ground up using 64-bit architecture. This removes memory constraints, alleviates bottlenecks, and allows your system to grow with the industry; enabling you do work with increasingly large datasets for years to come.
Atmospheric Correstion
Atmospheric Correction
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Geomatica 2013 now features leading edge Atmospheric Correction workflows that automatically detect cloud and haze within your imagery. Automated metadata extraction will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of your workflow and allow you to produce seamless mosaics in cloud plagued areas quickly and intuitively.
Improved DEM Extraction
Improved DEM Extraction
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Extracting high quality, high resolution Digital Elevation Models from the newest sensors (WorldView-2, Pleiades, GeoEye) is easier and faster than ever, and now features completely new algorithms which are OpenMP enabled. Work with 100’s or 1,000s of stereo pairs, ingest billions of Lidar points, contour lines and other elevation data to create seamless elevation models.
Sensor Support
Largest file and sensor support available
Geomatica utilizes Generic Database (GDB) Technology to directly read and write raster, vector and other information from an extensive list of supported file formats allowing quick and direct access to data.

Along with new formats, Geomatica includes multi-sensor metadata collection capability which has been redesigned, with the emphasis on simplifying workflows down the road since many parameters are automatically populated.
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