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ZEMAX 2012 V12 FOR 64 BIT

Zemax 12 Release 2 is the most capable optical and illumination design software
ever published.
Optical and Illumination Design

Design optical and illumination systems with speed and confidence using industry leading analysis, optimization and tolerancing capabilities in Zemax 12 Release 2.

Fastest sequential and non-sequential ray
tracing using multi-CPU, multi-thread architecture
Multi-variable system optimization
Component tolerancing
Physical optics
Diffractive optics

Reverse ray tracing
Advanced Path Analysis
Visual Optimizer

Comprehensive Design and Engineering Resources

Shorten time to innovation using comprehensive material catalogs, source model libraries and example files–plus much more!

600+ Radiant Source Model™ online
library with source data measured from more
than 60 manufacturers in eight categories
Source Spectrum library

Surface and bulk scattering materials
Numerous example files
Glass and lens catalogs from all
leading manufacturers

Unified CAD Capabilities

Streamline your workflow with CAD part and assembly capabilities that are fully integrated with Zemax 12 Release 2, not bolted on.

PartLink™ for SolidWorks® and
Autodesk® Inventor® 2013
AssemblyLink™ for SolidWorks and
Autodesk Inventor 2013
Zemax Part Designer

Import and export with STEP, SAT, IGES
and STL CAD format files
Explode STEP, SAT and IGES files into
constituent parts
Export Zemax Part Designer objects to
STEP, IGES, SAT and STL format

Fully Customizable

Customize Zemax 12 to meet your needs with powerful programming and interface tools.

Zemax Programming Language for
built-in user-defined calculations,
graphical analysis and optimization

Links to external programs such as
MATLAB® , Microsoft® Excel™, and your
own compiled programs

Comprehensive Support

With Zemax 12 Release 2, you are never alone with your design. Solve your toughest challenges with the help of Zemax’ extensive resources.

Senior technical support analyst available by
phone and email
Extensive library of Knowledge Base articles
and videos

Classroom and custom training options
for beginners to pros
Zemax online User Forum
Frequent program and data updates
Product:ZEMAX 2012 V12 FOR 64 BIT