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PVSOL premium 2023 R5

PVSOL premium 2023 R5

PV*SOL is the industry\’s leading 3D solar software with the most detailed configuration and shade analysis for PV systems.

The further PV feed-in tariffs decrease, the more important it is for architects, engineers and PV system planners to convince their customers that self-consumption also contributes to the profitability of solar electric systems. With our dynamic simulation program PV*SOL®, you can now calculate self-consumption even more precisely, because it is as yet the only version that is able to simulate storage systems. In addition, it imports load profiles measured in one and 15 minute steps.

PV*SOL offers the most detailed configuration and shade analysis for PV systems. 

Calculate solar output, panel sizing and economic forecasting for your system.

Made by the developers of the full featured market leading PV simulation software PV*SOL, this online tool lets you input basic data like

  • Location of your system
  • Load profile and annual energy consumption
  • PV module data (manufacturer, model, orientation, quantity etc.)
  • Inverter manufacturer

Product:PVSOL premium 2023 R5