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Gedco Vista 12

VISTA is a leading software package for QC and complete processing of 2D/3D seismic data acquired on land, offshore, or through VSP. First developed in 1985 as the market\’s first PC-based seismic data processing software, VISTA delivers proven algorithms for optimal field quality control to complete office processing. By taking advantage of VISTA\’s flexibility, reliability, and ease of use, processors increase their efficiency while maximizing the dependability of their results.
VISTA 2D/3D Full Processing

Processor (CPU): Dual Quad / Six-Core Processor 64-bit (2.66GHz-3.46GHz)
System Memory: Minimum 8 GB RAM for 64-bit. (12GB – 24GB DDR3 1333 MHz)
Hard Drive: 2.0 TB SATA
Graphics Card: 256 MB with Dual DVI Out (Open GL Compatible)
Optical Drive: Dual Layer Compatible DVD
product:Gedco Vista 12