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powerlog 3.3

Latest version streamlines common operations and enhances capabilities

HOUSTON– Fugro-Jason, a leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry, today announced the availability of PowerLog 3.3, the latest version of this well-known petrophysical interpretation software. This new version adds significant new features and enhances many popular current capabilities.

“PowerLog continues to be a leader in technology and efficiency,” said Joe Jacquot, Strategic Marketing Manager for Fugro-Jason. “The new capabilities and enhancements in this release further streamline the user workflow within and across projects.”

PowerLog is the industry standard for Windows®-based rock physics and petrophysical analysis, dedicated to log data editing, conditioning, analysis and presentation. New features in this release include:

Electrofacies interpretation module based on interactive selection of curve values on logplots and crossplots.
Sample highlighting across viewers (logplots, crossplots, histograms) to identify data of interest and to output a curve with different values assigned to samples in the different highlight sets
Interactive core shifts with concurrent construction of core shift tables that can be applied to other cored intervals
Enhancements to all Logplot interactive editors (depth shift, baseline shift, etc.) to streamline editing

PowerLog 3.3 is now available for shipment and is a maintenance upgrade for customers already on PowerLog 3.x. Contact Fugro-Jason for pricing and further details.
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