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Geopainting GPSMapEdit v1.1.74.3

New feature: Automatic saving of map. Adjusted using menu item \’Tools | Options…\’, \’Load & Save\’ tab.
Current map xxx.MP with unsaved modifications is saved periodicaly to file xxx.AUTOSAVED.MP, which one is automatically deleted after each successfull saving of original xxx.MP. Before loading of xxx.MP, existence of newer xxx.AUTOSAVED.MP file is detected (indicating previous crashing of application), and it is renamed to xxx.MP by user\’s confirmation (while original file is renamed to xxx.BAK).
NOTE: This feature requires license key.
New feature: New concept \”note drawing\” is introduced: note drawing is free-hand drawing of any color and thickness, being non-\”true\” polyline, devoted to express some temporary visual notes for mapper\’s own needs.
To create a note drawing, please use menu item \’Tools | Create Object | Note Drawing\’. Note drawings are stored only in MP files; they do not affect any \”target\” map formats to export (like .IMG or .NM2).
Enhancement: Showing outlined labels.
Fix: Loading geo-tagged Exif photographs with header in big endian format (thanks to Evgeniy Ukhanov).
Fix: Crash in \’Tools | Find by Address…\’ in some cases (thanks to Lesha37).
Fix: Crash in semi-automatic vectorizer in some cases (thanks to Roman Ryzhenko).
Fix: Splitting numbering along street by \’Split Polyline\’ in some cases (thanks to Gary Turner).
Enhancement: In \’File | Map Properties\’, \’Bounds\’ tab, showing map\’s extents is added (thanks to Gary Turner).
Enhancement: 4th step of the import wizard of shapefiles (.SHP) and MapInfo MIF/MID: the field \”Scale Factor\” is added, and the list of coordinate systems now supports \”Transverse Mercator\” explicitly.
In addition, the coordinate system \”Map Grid of Australia\” is added (as alias of \”UTM South\”) (thanks to Chris Brown).
Enhancement: Adjusting proxy server for Google Maps (menu item \’Tools | Options…\’, \’Google Maps\’ tab) via launching corresponding control panel of Windows.
Enhancement: Adjusting bit rate of COM port for GPS receiver over NMEA-0183 protocol (menu item \’Tools | Options…\’, \’GPS Tracking\’ tab).
product:Geopainting GPSMapEdit v1.1.74.3
Size:3 MB