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Schlumberger MODFLOW Flex 2012.1 v1.0.52.0

A Complete Groundwater Modeling System

With Visual MODFLOW Flex you have a complete set of tools necessary for addressing water quality, groundwater supply, and source water protection initiatives, including:

MODFLOW-2000, 2005, NWT – The world standard for groundwater flow modeling
MODGLOW-LGR – Shared-node local grid refinement (LGR) for regional-local scale simulations
SEAWAT v.4 – 3D variable density groundwater flow coupled with multi-species solute and heat transport
MT3DMS – The standard package for multi-species contaminant transport simulations
MODPATH – The standard package for forward and reverse particle tracking
Zone Budget – A package for sub-regional water budget calculations
PHT3D – A multi-component transport model for three-dimensional reactive transport in saturated porous media. It couples the two existing and widely used computer programs, the solute transport model MT3DMS and the USGS geochemical code PHREEQC-2.
WinPEST – Automated calibration and sensitivity analysis
View all supported flow engines, transport engines and MODFLOW packages.

Flexible Modeling Approaches

Visual MODFLOW Flex allows you to choose which modeling approach to use for building your groundwater models. Choose the flexible and efficient conceptual modeling approach or the classical modeling approach.

Conceptual Modeling Approach

Build your 3D conceptual model using existing GIS data and wells/boreholes. The grid-independent conceptual model gives you the flexibility to experiment with different grid types and simulators. Cell locations and parameters are automatically calculated for you, reducing the need to define these manually on a cell-based level. From one conceptual model you can easily generate multiple numerical models of different grid types and modeling scenarios, and easily update or modify the model as needed.
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Classical Numerical Modeling Approach

Ideal for models with simple geology, basic properties and boundary conditions, the classical approach allows you to start by defining the numerical grid. The grid can then be manually populated with properties and boundary conditions using traditional techniques.
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