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Paradigm Geolog v7.0

As the industry standard for advanced petrophysical analysis, the Geolog® Formation Evaluation product suite is unmatched in terms of its best-in-class petrophysical and geological analysis tools, well data management, superior graphics, and robust data integration. Geolog 7, the next-generation formation evaluation solution, combines the system’s technological superiority with a modern, user-friendly interface that is consistent across multiple platforms. Geolog 7 provides users with a fresh look and style for improved efficiency and usability, as well as important new application features.
Geolog 7 is the result of a thorough re-engineering of the product suite, with the aim of making this powerful offering even more efficient and easier to use. It combines the system’s proven technological superiority with a modern, user-friendly interface that has been ergonomically optimized for use with multiple large computer screens, has a Windows-like look and feel, and is consistent across multiple platforms.

Easy-to-use environment with user-defined workspace, for log editing and interpretation, producing presentation-quality graphical output
Consistent look and feel for Linux® and Windows® users
Interactive core analysis module, including capillary pressure
Determin Uncertainty: A full Monte Carlo deterministic log analysis module
Interactive dip-azimuth walkout plots: Part of the Geomage image log processing and interpretation module; provides the geologist with tools to interpret structural data.
Powerful crossplotting functionality, providing input for petrophysical calculations
Multi-well, multi-zone data management
Audit trail, with the ability to query the history of any individual log
Cross-section creation tools
Integration with Paradigm StratEarth® and SKUA® geological interpretation and model-building solutions, providing the most comprehensive toolset available for exploration and development geologists.
Epos® integration framework and well data servers allow Geolog applications to work directly on data stored in Epos and third-party well databases, with no need for data duplication.

Geolog\’s modular design, easily scalable from a single user on a laptop to a team collaborating over the network, makes the product suitable for any number of applications, from log drafting to high-end petrophysics.
Powerful analytical and graphical editing tools accessed from a central graphics module allow users to spend more time analyzing their data and less time looking for the right program.
Drag & drop data loading from contractor formatted or ASCII files significantly reduces data loading time.
Full cross-platform functionality with consistent look and feel – Windows® XP/Vista, Linux®.
Easy to use, with a short learning curve for skill transfer from other systems.
Ability to incorporate user-defined algorithms enables customization to specific customer requirements.
product:Paradigm Geolog v7.0
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