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Gemcom Whittle 4.4

Strategic Mine Planning – Optimise Mine Profits

When exploration and mining companies need to evaluate the financial viability and the optimal mine strategy for a deposit, they turn to the industry leading strategic mine planning solution – Gemcom Whittle™. Companies depend on Whittle to help them determine their investment strategy and to deliver robust mine plans that maximise profitability by taking into account real mining constraints.

Whittle delivers trusted results and is used in scoping, feasibility, life-of-mine scheduling, and in the ongoing re-evaluation of mine plans throughout the production phase. Because pit optimisation alone is not enough to unlock the full economic potential of your operation, Whittle provides mine optimisation, which enables significant increases in project value over and above pit optimisation.
Whittle 4.4, the latest release of the mining industry’s most popular strategic mine planning software, will enable you to improve your personal productivity and add new economic value to your projects. You will find new and refined capabilities including more controls for modelling mining constraints and the ability to optimise larger block models. To dramatically increase the NPV of your projects, you can add the new Simultaneous Optimisation module, which provides you with sophisticated, powerful algorithms that enable the processing of four optimisation mechanisms concurrently.
Achieve Greater NPV by Adding the New Simultaneous Optimisation Module

You can unlock greater NPV from your projects through the simultaneous optimisation of the mine schedule, cut-off grade, stockpiling, and blending. Simultaneous optimisation increases NPV because it allows for the consideration of the interaction between these critical aspects of mine planning.

Maximise NPV by understanding where to mine, quantities, blend, and cut-offs required in each period.
Ensure you always follow the right steps – Whittle’s workflows guide you through all the steps from pit optimisation, to push back selection, and finally to life of mine strategic scheduling.
Configure four optimisation mechanisms in a single step and thereby reduce the complexity of configuring each of these mechanisms independently.
Product:Gemcom Whittle 4.4
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