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Schlumberger Petrel 2011

Schlumberger has released its Petrel 2011 E&P platform. The new release adds the Studio E&P environment, new productivity, and technological advances, the company says.

Studio Find provides data and knowledge awareness capability as an extension of the Studio Knowledge database, adds Schlumberger. This gives search, browse and select options within the context of the project and inside Petrel. Favorites lets users make a collection of their most often used processes, and Studio Annotate adds information to highlight items.
The 2011 version introduces new technology advances such as a patented coordinate conversion method that enables dynamic positioning of seismic data, the company said. The interactive well section window supports multidisciplinary workflows and interaction with dynamic simulation information; and new or improved interpretation tools include automatic fault tracking, 3D seismic flattening, and additional modes for detailed interpretation.

The new Prestack Seismic Interpretation plug-in for the software suite, developed by WesternGeco, supports visualization and data interpretation, and also has a new pre- and post-environment feature to access fast and scalable simulation in the INTERSECT next-generation reservoir simulator, the company said.
Petrel 2011 affords powerful new science, workflow productivity, and enhanced collaboration. Revolutionary new tools help geoscientists and engineers deliver confident decisions—prospect selections, reserves estimates, and well placements—even in challenging environments, where quantifying and managing risk are critical in determining economic success or failure.
Deliver confident prospect selections

Assess seal capacity and charge timing as you interpret seismic, make maps, and calculate volumes
Capture prospect uncertainty from the start
Get better results faster with new and improved interpretation tools: automatic fault tracking, 3D seismic flattening, and additional modes for tailed interpretation
Experience industry-leading, patented coordinate conversion technology, enabling dynamic positioning of seismic data so it always matches your well data—no matter which projection.
Isolate stratigraphic traps and complex structures using the new interactive parameter control, enabling you to fine-tune the attribute and solve your problems.
Leverage new Ocean plug-ins from WesternGeco for prestack interpretation capabilities

Deliver confident reserves estimates

Test the limits of all your key parameters; accurately assess structural integrity, stratigraphic features, fluid contacts, and property distributions
The new flexible well section canvas delivers a step change in well interpretation, enabling the display of raster logs and seismic geological models between the wells. See the reservoir change over time by playing simulations between your wells in the new well section canvas.
Use new stair-step gridding to correctly model even the most complex faulted reservoirs for a robust sealed structural framework that is optimal for property population and fluid flow simulation
Perform local model updates with new well data, properties, and markers to preserve history match for existing wells

Deliver confident well placement

Evaluate reservoir quality and heterogeneity; model and simulate horizontal wells, multilateral wells, and intelligent completions
Achieve faster history matching—evaluate parameter sensitivity, optimize simulation input, and use local model updates to work directly on problem areas and run new scenarios to better match production history
Take advantage of property modeling advances—honor target fractions for multipoint facies simulation
Handle large and complex fields with the fast performance and scalability of the INTERSECT next-generation simulator, which uses novel numerical techniques for non-uniform and unstructured grids

Revolutionize the way you work with the new Studio E&P knowledge environment

Streamline everyday tasks with numerous workflow improvements
Personalize your workspace with your own collection of favorite objects and processes
Search seamlessly across the data environment and multiple projects and extract information in context
Collaborate with peers or company experts globally
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