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SeisWare 7.3

What\’s new in SeisWare 7.3?

* Cross Sectioning/2D Synthetic Modeling
* Volume Curvature
* Load and interpret depth seismic
* Well Planning tool
* Pick arbitrary lines and well planning in 3D Visualizer
* Pre-defined calculations in Curve Calculator
* And much more…

For a full detailed presentation on What\’s New in SeisWare 7.3, click here.

The new functionality and enhancements in this version build on an already strong foundation.

* Fault interpretation
* Spectral Decomposition
* Semblance Calculator
* SEG-Y calculator
* Cross plotting
* Seismic zone attributes
* Interactive synthetics
* 2D and 3D auto pickers
* Log signatures on the maps
* Automatic mistie incorporates 2D/3D/synthetics and jump ties
* PETRA(r) data import and export

* Link to ESRI shapefile or SDE layer
* Time to depth interval velocity method
* Custom coordinate system
* Cross correlation & advanced cross correlation (pseudo facies analysis)
* Coordinate conversion utility
* OpenSpirit link to access data from multiple vendors
* Automatic mistie analysis
* Grid and horizon paint brush smoother
* Data pipeline – enhanced data transfer from various applications
* Proportional time slices
* OpenSpirit link now supports seismic data transfer
product:SeisWare 7.3
Size:243 MB