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SeisWare v8.0

Portable, stable and efficient software
Comprehensive 2D/3D seismic interpretation functionality
Rapid user driven development
Intelligent and intuitive interface
Integration with other best of breed G & G applications
Presentation hard copy is easily plotted using standard Windows® drivers or saved in various formats
SeisWare International only develops one product so it is our sole focus
Unparalleled software support from support engineers who have an average tenure of 6yrs
All software upgrades and phone support are free with current subscription fee
Cost effective annual renewal fee with no large upfront purchase cost

These innovative additions and enhancements are added to an already strong all inclusive foundation
• Well Caching
• Merge Culture
• Fault interpretation
• Spectral Decomposition
• Semblance Calculator
• Data calculators
• Cross plotting
• Seismic zone attributes
• Interactive synthetics
• 2D and 3D auto pickers
• Log signatures on the maps
• Quick Grid and Contour™
• Automatic mistie incorporating 2D/3D/synthetics and jump ties
• PETRA® data import and export
• Link to ESRI shape file or SDE layer
• Time to depth interval velocity method
• Custom coordinate system
• Manhattan Distance and correlation coefficient Wavelet Analysis (Facies)
• OpenSpirit link to access data from multiple vendors
• Grid and horizon paint brush smoother
• Data pipeline – enhanced data transfer from various applications
• Proportional time slices
• 2D Modeling and Cross Section
• Saved Sessions
product:SeisWare v8.0