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Schlumberger OFM 2010.2

OFM 2010 well and reservoir analysis software offers advanced production surveillance views and powerful production forecasting tools to help you better manage production and track reserves. OFM software allows you view, relate, and analyze reservoir and production data in a variety of established engineering workflows.

Comprehensive OFM workflow tools-such as interactive base maps with production trending, bubble plotting, diagnostic plotting, decline curve analysis, and type curve analysis-reduce the time you spend analyzing your data, giving you more time to identify and diagnose problems and optimize production.
OFM 2010 Engineering Workflows

* Production Surveillance – OFM software facilitates early detection and diagnostics of production problems, quick generation of production trends, diagnostic plots, reports, maps, grids, and bubbles directly from corporate data. It also supports validation of remedial well work benefits via integration with PIPESIM well performance software and Merak Peep economics software.
* Production Forecasting – Traditional decline curve analysis and advanced forecasting techniques such as analytical decline and numerical forecasts are available to generate better, faster, and more reliable forecasts.
* Waterflood Surveillance – Waterflood patterns can be defined from production and reservoir data by using the OFM Streamline module. When combined with pressure data and PVT algorithms, reservoir volumes and voidage can be determined and further diagnostics can be carried out with different diagnostic plots such as hall plots.

New in OFM 2010.2

* Create and share templates and best practices with a shared workspace, improving performance consistency for all participants.
* Refine production analysis through shared access and use of same-day data updates.
* Perform comprehensive production analysis with dynamic categories and enhanced forecasting, mapping, plotting, reporting, base map and nodal analysis capabilities.
* Access data of your desired frequency with support of intraday data.
* The latest release of OFM is Microsoft® Vista™ compliant.

Enhanced OFM Modules

OFM 2010 software offers tailored solutions to your production problems via many standard and optional OFM Modules to help you achieve exceptional production performance.
OFM & CBM Solution

ECLIPSE link with OFM imports production and well histories and exports simulation results to compare against analytical forecast.
Product:Schlumberger OFM 2010.2