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Synopsys Saber 2010.03

Saber is a multi-domain modeling and simulation environment that enables full-system virtual prototyping for applications in analog/power electronics, electric power generation/conversion/distribution and mechatronics. Decades of industry success and innovation have earned Saber a reputation as the solution of choice for design validation and optimization for automotive, aerospace and industrial systems.

SaberRD: Desktop Environment for Power Electronic Design

* Introduced in 2010
* Easy to use—Windows-based IDE
* Novice accessibility—Expert flexibility
* Proven technology
* Demo/Student version

Focus: Manage power electronic and mechatronic complexity by accelerating Robust Design via simulation

* Automotive (mid-class car) — 50+ microprocessors, 100+ sensors, 30+ electrical subsystems
* Aerospace (A380) — 530km of wires, 100,000 cable sections, 40,300 connectors
* Solar — power electronics, control algorithms, environmental conditions, aging, storage, mechanical tracking

Key benefits and design goals:

* Optimize system for performance, reliability, and cost
* Verify behavior of multi-domain systems (electrical, thermal, mechanical, magnetic, hydraulic, etc.)
* Reduce effects of variation
* Bound worst case behavior
* Repeatable processes – create 10,000s of virtual prototypes
* Effective model exchange throughout the value stream
product:Synopsys Saber 2010.03
Size:1.2 GB