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Kingdom SMT V8.5

* A proprietary volume attribute that enables fast and accurate picks through advanced pattern recognition.
* Allows superior picks in poorer quality data and more reliable picks in good data.

Advanced Horizon Picking

* New patent pending algorithms for horizon picking on 2d and 3d data in time or depth.
* Advanced QC tools: Confidence, Pick Status, Pick Order, and Pick Type.
* Requires only minimal amount of initial picks in order to provide a high quality interpretation.

KA Horizon Tracking
Surface Curvature

* Curvature attributes indicate the rate of change of surface topology and accent features such as faults and fracture systems.
* Eleven curvature attributes are calculated for either horizon bin data or for grid nodes.
* Each attribute represents a different vertical slice through a best-fit quadrature surface.

To read more about Curvature search for Curvature Attributes and Their Application to 3D Interpreted Horizons, by Andy Roberts at First Break
KA Curvature
User Security

* KINGDOM Security allows companies to secure their assets by restricting the level of access to project data within SQLServer or Oracle KINGDOM projects.
* Interpreters within an organization may be granted full access to all data in a KINGDOM project, while consultants may be granted access to a limited set of data only within the same project.
Product:Kingdom SMT V8.5
Size:2.5 GB