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Bentley PowerCivil for Spain V8i

Complete Land Development Offering

Revolutionize Site Design with Dynamic Object Modeling

PowerCivil automates site design field to finish, with relationship modeling for real-time scenario exploration. Designers, engineers, and surveyors share a single environment.
Bentley PowerCivil is comprehensive design software, offering civil engineers and designers a flexible 2D/3D tool for land development and site modeling. No CAD platform is required. PowerCivil runs standalone with native DGN and DWG file formats, using a full complement of CAD-based toolsets.

Unique relationship modeling enables rapid, dynamic exploration of site development scenarios. Combined with a complete set of plan preparation tools, plan sheet generation, and automatic volume/material quantity calculations, this enables more effective project execution.

PowerCivil can be used for a wide range of projects:

* Commercial building, plant, and manufacturing sites
* Airports and rail terminals
* Subdivisions, urban complexes, parks, campuses, and golf courses
* Dams, mines, and landfills
* Drainage, utility, and floodplain projects

PowerCivil streamlines design, production of project deliverables, and electronic conveyance to construction.

Field-to-Finish Integration
PowerCivil maximizes the power of Bentley’s market-leading civil solutions in one integrated multidiscipline product for survey, graphical coordinate geometry (COGO), digital terrain modeling, site grading, water and sewer, storm drainage, and street design. Intelligent associativity between civil disciplines reduces errors and ensures consistent, accurate designs – improving constructability. The software offers tools for easy import, incorporation, and export of design information.
Product:Bentley PowerCivil for Spain V8i
Size:337 MB