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Bentley WaterGEMS V8i

WaterGEMS V8 XM Edition extends every piece of functionality across all the included CAD, GIS, and stand-alone platforms. For example, GIS users can now exercise total control over engineering units directly within ArcGIS’s attribute tables, using the same FlexTables technology they can find in the other included platforms.
Discover a fresh, more responsive and functional stand-alone interface. Customize your work environment with dockable dialogs, enjoy extended background image support, powerful thematic mapping features, bi-directional copy/paste from external applications, and much more.
Geospatial model building modules:
Watch how easy it is to use the new stand-alone LoadBuilder, TRex, and Thiessen Polygon Creator modules. Leverage your geospatial data sets to automatically allocate demands and assign elevations, saving time and avoiding unnecessary data entry errors.
Product:Bentley WaterGEMS V8i
Size:119 MB