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CONNECT Editions of WaterGEMS and SewerGEMS Integrate Enterprise Data Sources for a More Efficient Network Operation

Bentley Systems announces the general access of WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition and SewerGEMS CONNECT Edition, hydraulic modeling software for water distribution and wastewater collection systems, respectively. These new releases allow utilities and their consultants to get more out of their enterprise data systems (such as GIS, SCADA, and more), improving the interoperability between those systems and Bentley’s simulation products.

With the CONNECT Editions of these applications, users now have better visibility into how their enterprise data has changed, better insight into how those changes might impact their hydraulic models, and better control over which changes they choose to synchronize with the model. This new functionality provides the ability to:

  • Easily replicate the steps used to connect external data with model data by saving and re-running automated steps for any number of data source connections
  • Preview source data changes before bringing them into the model, allowing the user to control which data to include while synchronizing
  • Track the history of changes made within each model, to review the work of other modelers, confirm modifications, and troubleshoot any data-related problems that might arise

Stephen Jackson, senior engineer at Artesian Water, said, “Our hydraulic model is a critical part of our decision-making process, and to have confidence in those decisions, we need to have confidence in our modeling data. With Bentley’s software, not only do we have better control over how our models synchronize with GIS, customer records, and other data, but we have better visualization and analysis capabilities to ensure the integrity of model inputs and results. We are also very impressed by the response rate and expertise of Bentley’s technical support for their hydraulic modeling applications.”

Gregg Herrin, director of software development, Bentley Systems, said, “By continuing to streamline and expand our unique abilities to share and manage information across systems and departments, we enable our users to have more reliable models. The interoperability and flexibility that we provide leads them to make more effective decisions about everything from long-range planning to immediate emergency response.”