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Plant 4D 7.703

Plant-4D is Plant Design Software

Plant-4D is a unique Data object-oriented Plant Design software tool, which can be operated without being restricted to any particular CAD-platform or Database system. The Plant-4D technology ensures full transparent compatibility between different CAD-platforms, both for drawings and data. For instance it is possible to work on a project in AutoCAD, and continue with the same project in MicroStation, without losing any information or functionality.
The Plant-4D Data object Technology in combination with the use of one single database is the driving force behind the new generation in Plant Design Software.

Besides the flexibility between the different CAD-platforms that is offered by Plant-4D, another advantage is the stability of the software. The \’engine\’ of the software works independently of the CAD-platform. The CAD-platform can be used for what it is intended for, namely drawing. The intelligence and the database run outside the CAD-platform, improving both the stability and the operating speed of the software. The modules are developed in such a way that flexibility for the future is ensured, through the use of the latest programming techniques available.

Plant-4D differentiates itself through its modular design. The user can configure his own Plant Design software tool from the various modules offered. The modules can either be used independently or in conjunction with each other.
product:Plant 4D 7.703
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