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ProSource 8.1.15

Radiant Imaging

Radiant Imaging, a provider of imaging systems for colour and light measurement, has released ProSource 8.0 for light source near-field data analysis and ray generation. ProSource 8.0 provides simple, intuitive program navigation, enhanced graphics, and improved ray generation from Radiant Source Model data files. The software is intended for use by light source and lighting system designers and developers, and applies to all light sources including emerging LED applications.

ProSource 8.0 provides an intuitive interface to allow the user to view, manipulate, and process Radiant Source Model (RSM) data files simply and quickly. The user interface and graphics allows users to rapidly access and analyse RSM information, resulting in both time savings and deeper understanding of light source performance. In addition, window docking and tabbing enable easy organisation of the different data representations and operations that result during a typical ProSource session.
Product:ProSource 8.1.15
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