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Thermodynamics and Physical Property Software Component

VMGSim offers accurate, robust and cost effective process simulation solutions to predict the detailed behaviour of process units and plants. Whether designing new process units, optimizing, revamping or troubleshooting, VMGSim assists engineers to improve operating efficiency and product quality, reduce capital and operating costs, and provide greater safety and increased profitability. VMGSim is your reliable partner in modeling entire process units in the Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical industries. Important industrial processes such as natural gas sweetening using amines and physical solvents, Claus plants and tail gas treatment can be easily and seamlessly simulated without special workarounds or awkward combination of unit operations.

VMGSim uses the extremely popular interactive calculation principles of non-sequential, unit operation calculations with partial data flow developed in the late 1970’s by Craig Morris. These concepts combined with VMGSim’s state of the art graphical user interface provide you with the fastest, most intuitive way for the development and evaluation of process models. VMGSim is your true partner, helping you set up your simulation and performing complex information checking in the background. Information is propagated through the flowsheet instantly and calculations performed whenever possible. VMGSim behaves like you do, making the most of whatever information you have available while using the rigorous boundaries provided by chemical engineering science and thermodynamics. After using VMGSim for a few days you will ask yourself why you are so productive so fast and why other programs try to make you think their way instead of the other way around.

You will notice VMG’s uncompromising commitment to quality the moment you start using VMGSim. Forms are carefully designed with the expert and novice in mind. Specialized unit operations allow you to quickly build complex flowsheets that closely resemble your plant. Incredible complexity related to the solution and convergence of complex flowsheets is handled elegantly and consistently by VMGSim. Last but not least, VMGSim is built on the bedrock provided by VMGThermo and more than a decade of development and validation of thermodynamic models used from on-line monitoring applications to dynamic simulation to heat exchanger design. Form and function are artfully blended with chemical engineering science and technology to deliver a tool of exceptional quality to you. Our goal is to free your imagination and allow you to be as productive as possible, today, tomorrow and beyond.