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We are pleased to announce the release of PipelineStudio® 3.2.5. This release of PipelineStudio includes the following major new functionality:

* PipelineStudio will install and run under Windows 7
* Split Pipe functionality allowing an existing pipe to be split into two with the option to insert equipment at the split point
* Data blocks can now be added to nodes
* Greying out of elements: Elements can be excluded from the simulation without being removed from the configuration
* Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK) Equation of State has been made available for use in PipelineStudio Gas
* Enhancements to the surveys functionality, including the use of a survey-path in PipelineStudio Liquid has been introduced
* Enhanced security, including the use of an authorization key received from ESI Customer Care team to complete installation, for more information please see the installation notes that come with PipelineStudio 3.2.5.

PipelineStudio 3.2.5 is fully backward-compatible with previous versions of the product, enabling users to directly access all existing data files.

Upgrades to PipelineStudio 3.2.5 are free for all maintenance paying customers and can be downloaded from here. Before downloading, please be sure to review the release notes to ensure that users are in compliance with the PipelineStudio 3.2.5 system requirements.
Size:174 MB