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VMGSim v6

VMG’s process models allow you to analyze your existing or new plant designs in an infinite number of ways and run different scenarios very quickly – at little cost and with no constraints. Our software’s greatest strength is its versatility. VMGSim is used all over the world to accurately model natural gas plants, oil refineries and bitumen extractors. So go ahead. Think really big. Find out what happens if you increase feedstock availability, run your equipment as hard as possible and model nearly impossible process conditions. The freedom to try anything will help you optimize your existing processes, develop new processes and increase the value of your production in ways you never thought of before.
50 mmcsf/d natural gas processing facilities in Malaysia. 15 ppm purity specification in the production of fine chemicals in Japan. Bitumen solvent extraction refinery near Alberta’s oil sands. VMGSim is used around the world to model existing processes and to design new facilities from the ground up. At the heart of VMGSim is VMGThermo, our thermophysical property calculator capable of accurately predicting the behaviour of complex fluid mixtures. With over 20,000 chemicals, more than 80 thermodynamic property packages and hundreds of unit operations, VMGSim provides unparalleled model sophistication and precision. VMGSim performs all of the routine calculations to free up your time to tackle processing challenges creatively. The result: you’ll find innovative ways to maximize the value of the end product, while reducing operating costs and wasted material.

Moreover, VMGSim behaves like your own engineering advisor – propagating information, anticipating your questions and suggesting effective methods for model development and exploration. Better still, VMGSim requires only the smallest amount of information necessary to build your model based on rigorous thermodynamic relationships.
Real-time process calculations

VMGSim instantly calculates process changes, intelligently propagates information and continually monitors degrees of freedom when you modify any unit operation parameters or process conditions. This allows you to try many different equipment configurations within your virtual plant and see the effects of changes to the system instantaneously and inexpensively.
product:VMGSim v6
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