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Kingdom Suite (smt) v8.3

Kingdom Suite (smt) v8.3

The new release of KINGDOM is full of powerful new capabilities, including new modules like 1D Forward Modeling, Access Security and the Mobility Sentinel. Existing modules and performance have also been significantly enhanced.

* New Modules
o 1D Forward Modeling – Provides litholigic and fluid modeling including AVO Modeling and integrated Fluid Workshop capabilities
o Access Security – Limits who can access which KINGDOM projects
o Mobility Sentinel – Allows Network License owners to have time limited, disconnected access to KINGDOM. Ideal for users needing KINGDOM while traveling for work

* New Enhancements
o 2d3dPAK: Improved Gridding including back interpolation to wells
o AVOPAK: AVO Conditioning including super gathers, angle gathers, spectral balancing
o EarthPAK: Vertical Cross Section Annotation and many other enhancements
o LogPAK: Neural Network based Log Section Replacement
o VelPAK: Workflow and UI improvements
o VuPAK: Speed & Performance Improvements

* Performance Improvements

Numbers below are estimates from internal testing, actual outcomes will vary based on customer environment. For best results, SMT recommends a high performance machine using 64bit KINGDOM, 64bit OS, and SQL or Oracle database.
Product:Kingdom Suite (smt) v8.3