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Landmark provide the enclosed release of SeisSpace™ R5000.1.0 software version, ProMAX™ R5000.1.0 software version, and ProMAX™ DepthCharge R5000.1.0 software version.
This release is being distributed for Linux32 and Linux64 Operating Systems.
Landmark also wants to state that the ProMAX™ flow builder/UI and ProMANAGER will only be supported from a usage perspective for this release. We will not be supporting these programs by development and will not be delivering them at all in the next major release. As users, you are highly encouraged to migrate to using the SeisSpace™ Navigator/Flow Builder with its embedded flow replication capability.
One of the first things that you will notice is that SeisSpace™, ProMAX™ and ProMAX™ DepthCharge are combined into a single installation. The ProMAX™ tutorials continue to be available separately from the main software installation. Because of the change to start using the LSM/ESD (Landmark Software Manager/Electronic Software Distribution), the tutorials are being delivered as a single protar file that contains all of the areas and lines for all of the tutorials. To install the tutorials, you must run the Restore Wizard from the SeisSpace™ navigator.
Size: 740 MB