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DICAD Strakon/S v2010 SP1 *MULTiLANGUAGE* (c) DICAD Systeme GmbH

DICAD Systeme GmbH is one of the leading vendors of CAD杝oftware in the
field of formwork and reinforcement planning.

STRAKON is a general CAD system for the preparation of all types of
construction drawings and has specific modules for structural
engineering design.

It is a basic 2D-system with 3D extensions. A major advantage of
STRAKON is its associative file structure. For example, when the length
of an element is modified by moving its formwork outline, all related
dimensions, hatches, reinforcement and so forth are automatically
adjusted to fit the new shape. This enables you to rapidly, easily and
professionally make modifications whenever need arises without
extensive extra effort.

Those intended to use STRAKON such as designers, engineers and
technicians played a significant role in its development.

STRAKON/S: The high end variant of our CAD product family. All tasks
creating formwork and reinforcement plans for building, engineering,
industrial and bridge construction as well as for the pre-fabricated
concrete part planning can be comfortably covered by this product.