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LimitState: GEO is the revolutionary geotechnical stability analysis software that can be used to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any type of problem, including those involving: slope stability, retaining walls, deep excavations, reinforced earth, foundations, rock slopes, seismic forces, soil-structure interaction problems

LimitState: GEO is the only commercially available geotechnical software product to use the ground-breaking Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO) limit analysis technology that allows one tool to rapidly and directly evaluate stability, whatever the problem geometry.
LimitState: GEO has been designed to be extremely easy to use, fully compatible with Eurocode 7, and output has been validated against a wide range of benchmark problems.

Key features:
• Water table specification, including ru coefficient.
• Mohr-Coulomb soil strength models
• Tension cracks
• Soil reinforcement directly modelled
• Seismic loading capability

One product – many applications
Full control over problem geometry.
Built in wizards for rapid definition of a wide range of standard problems:
slope stability
foundation bearing capacity
retaining walls
A library of predefined Eurocode partial factor sets and the ability to define additional sets.
Analyse reinforced earth structures (eg slopes with soil nails).
Easily specify a groundwater table (horizontal or variably inclined).
Shallow learning curve
Far easier to use than other generally applicable tools such as non-linear finite elements.
Easier to use than most single application products.
Quick and simple modifications to geometry, boundary conditions, materials and loading.
Import geometries from CAD.
Output that is easy to verify and understand
Free-body diagrams provide a clear and easy means of checking solution validity.
Animate failure mechanisms and view problems in 3D display mode.
Clear and comprehensive report output.
Full support for Eurocode 7
Built-in Eurocode 7 partial factor sets.
Use favourable or unfavourable loading and be alerted if this is incorrect for the critical mechanism.
Define and solve for many scenarios in one go (eg EC7 Design Combinations 1 & 2, drained and undrained cases).
A Revolutionary solver engine
Harnesses the power of the groundbreaking Discontinuity Layout Optimization method in a fully flexible ultimate limit state analysis tool.
Find the true failure mechanism for any problem – not one based on prescribed, circles, slices or wedges.
Handle uncertain ground conditions by modelling multiple soil types in a single soil body (LimitState: GEO will always pick the critical case).

To find out more, visit the Specifications page.

Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO)