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ASAP 2009 V1R1

ASAP 2009 V2R1 Released

We are excited to announce that the ASAP(r) 2009 V2R1 release is now available to users with current Software Maintenance Agreements. The ASAP 2009 V2R1 release adds significant capability to the program well known to the optics industry as the most sophisticated tool available for virtual prototyping of optical systems and devices.

New features and enhancements in ASAP 2009 V2R1 include improvements in CAD interoperability, Light Source Library enhancements and additions, improved scatter models, new options for defining media, and dozens of other software repairs and enhancements.

ASAP 2009 V2R1 Features and Enhancements

Geometry Conditioner – ASAP now allows the geometric prescription from IGES, CATPart, or GTX files to be modeled as exact Bézier patches without the need for pre-conditioning of the CAD files. In addition, a new \”Rebuild Surface\” feature lets users convert these same file types to Bézier patches of any order with user-defined tolerances, which can help to preserve and optimize raytracing speed.

CATIA V5 r19 Interoperability – The optional CATIA Module allows ASAP users to open native CATIA files from within ASAP, and may be added to ASAP or ASAP PRO. Effective with the ASAP 2009 V2R1 release, users may open native CATIA files in the CATIA V5 r13 through r19 releases.

Light Source Library Wizard Enhancements – The Light Source Library Wizard has been expanded to allow for simpler creation of single-wavelength sources. This simplifies the generation of ray sets when only one wavelength is required. Additionally, the Wizard‘s data fields now autofill with specified source information.

Light Source Library Additions – Several of BRO‘s source models have been improved, and new Philips’ filament sources as well as the D3 and D4 arc sources have been added.

Scatter Model Enhancements – BRO uses an in-house scatterometer capable of taking BSDF measurements. BRO has measured over 50 popular textured surfaces and normalized the data collected to Spectralon(r) reference samples. This data has been fitted to single and in some cases double Harvey BSDF models, and is now included in the \”Scatter\” section of the ASAP Quick Start Menu.

MEDIA Command Enhancements – The MEDIA command in the ASAP Script Editor now accepts direct input of Sellmeier, Herzberger, Conrady, and Schott coefficients. Most references provide dispersion formulas for materials, and with this expanded command flexibility users now have a number of options for defining material index of refraction over a specified wavelength range.

Software Repairs and Enhancements – BRO‘s software development process extends beyond company walls. Acting on feedback received from ASAP users, this release includes repairs and enhancements for over 50 issues reported by customers.

ASAP 2009 V2R1 and related Release Notes are now available at the BRO Web site. See the \”Software Download\” section for a link to the release download page on
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