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Mincom MineScape 4.116

Mincom MineScape is a suite of integrated solutions for coal and metalliferous deposit open-cut and underground mining operation. It delivers extensive geologic modeling and mine-design functionality.

Key Features

All Mincom MineScape products are fully integrated and provide multi-user access to a single database in a network environment. Each product performs a specific range of data processing and mine planning functions. Exceptionally easy to use, MineScape features a comprehensive range of specialist modules:

  • Block Model
  • Geological Database (GDB)
  • Stratmodel
  • Dragline
  • Drill and Blast
  • Roads
  • Open Cut
  • Survey
  • Schedule
  • Underground
  • Geostatistics
  • Ring Design

product:Mincom MineScape 4.116