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Design Data SDS/2 v7.135

SDS/2 v7.135 is available to all current customers in good standing.

SDS/2 is the only product with the built-in intelligence to automatically design connections using a 3D model with a multitude of options for beams, columns, bracing and joists. A full station of SDS/2 gives you the power to get the job done.

Connections are designed based on parameters that you define for each job. Designate material, edge distance, cope criteria and other connection specifications, and SDS/2 will automatically generate connections that meet your requirements.

Then you can model all the minor pieces of steel — ladders, handrails, stairs, hoppers, bins, checkered plates, etc. — with SDS/2’s parametric modeling feature. You’ll save a phenomenal amount of time by creating a 3D model with every piece of material, bolt and hole in the right place.


When the model is complete, SDS/2’s automatic detailing feature creates a comprehensive set of 2D drawings, unlike what other software systems generate. Plus, the drawings require few modifications, because you create adaptive detailing rules that work in conjunction with the system’s automated detailing routines.

SDS/2 also automatically creates all of the major member details, submaterial details and erection views, another time-saving feature. And because these 2D drawings are taken from the model, the erection crew always gets an accurate fit in the field.
Product:Design Data SDS/2 v7.135