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GEOSOLVE Wallap 5.0.3

Key Features

Cantilever walls
Anchored walls
Strutted excavations
Sheet pile walls
RC Diaphragm walls
Factor of Safety calculation in accordance with
Eurocode 7 and BS 8002
Bending moments and wall displacements calculated by finite
element analysis
Construction sequence and Berm excavation modelled
Soil arching and Soil-wall gap modelled
Non-linear elastic/plastic soil model
Hydrostatic or non-hydrostatic water pressures. Automatic water pressure balancing option
Uniform or variable surcharges applied at or below ground level
Structural loads applied to the wall
Fully automatic calculation of earth pressures
Simple data input with interactive Help
Hot Keys for instant Help, Error reporting, Data plot and
Summary output
Free choice of units
Graphical output of data and results
Fully documented
WALLAP is a powerful, fast and user-friendly program for analysing the stability of cantilevered and propped retaining walls. WALLAP is suitable for the analysis of both temporary works, such as sheet pile walls, and permanent works such as reinforced concrete diaphragm walls and contiguous bored pile walls.

Factors of safety are computed according to standard codes of practice while wall displacements and bending moments are calculated by a finite element analysis which models the actual sequence of construction of the wall. Earth pressures are calculated automatically from basic soil properties.

The strata profile consists of up to 40 soil types with hydrostatic or non-linear water pressure distributions. Surcharges may be applied and removed while struts and anchors may be installed and removed. The program is menu driven with context sensitive Help and on-line access to the comprehensive User Manual giving detailed guidance on data input and interpretation of results.

Methods of Analysis

WALLAP offers two separate types of analysis within the one program:
Limit Equilibrium Analysis
Calculation of Factors of Safety according to one of the
following methods:

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