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CHEMCAD New Features and Enhancements

* Introduced the CHEMCAD Report Writer system, which provides enhanced user-customizable reports (2006)
* Added the capability to enter user-created BIPs into a database (1525)
* Added the capability to generate equilateral triangular plots (870)
* Added the capability to omit unconverged points from a TPXY plot (2223)
* Added the capability to optimize OPC performance by selectively limiting the data published via OPC (2224)
* Improved System Authorization licensing method to apply to a specific computer rather than to individual users (2210)
* Added new examples covering Selexol(TM) carbon capture, reaction rate regression, and multiple-effect evaporation (2196, 2227, 2532)
* Added a thermal conductivity mixing rule for electrolytes (682)
* Added the capability for OPC users to change feed stream component flow rates, temperature, pressure, velocity, and total flow (800)
* Created the Mass and Energy Balances report, which replaces the Convergence report (855)
* Added distillation curves D86 and TPB to the available options on the Stream Properties report (912)
* Revised and made available packing data for Billet and Schultes method (1330)
* Added the window velocity value to the Zone-By-Zone Analysis for shell-side sensible flow and tube-side condensation or evaporation (1516)
* Added a multiple-inlet symbol to the Gibbs Reactor sub-palette (1577)
* Added the capability to model solid-vapor equilibrium (1710)
* Added the capability to edit the PID Controller calculated results on the Misc Settings tab (2032)
* Created a warning that displays if the PID controller setpoint value falls outside the sensor\’s defined range (2033)
* Made the Mass Transfer report easier to read (2078)
* Changed the name of the Stream Recorder History plot to Stream History (2085)
* Added a prompt enabling the user to specify where to store user-defined components for a single component database (2101)
* Added UNIFAC subgroups for component 2027, Pentaethylene Hexamine (2164)
* Added the capability to include up to 50 different solid components in a single simulation (2193)
* Added the capability to specify up to six objects for feed-forward controllers (2240)
* Added the capability to reset the UnitOp palette to display the original default icons (2253)
* Added a warning message to inform user of incorrect formula entered for user-added component (2282)
* Added the capability to set the CHEMCAD 5 import directories from within CHEMCAD 6 (2296)
* Changed the Topology report to include the calculation sequence (2308)
* Improved mass transfer column convergence (2369)
* Improved the TBP/D86 conversion method (2382)
* Added the capability to change heat exchanger simulation mode from a DataMap or controller (2467)
* Added mass balance view for dynamic simulations (2478)
* Added ITAE calculation to the PID controller UnitOp (2482)