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Paradigm Interpret 2009

Interpret 2009 delivers significant improvements to workflow efficiency by means of well database connectivity with Paradigm Geolog 6.7, and multi-session view capabilities. These features, plus the ability to perform formation test analysis, ensure a productive and highly efficient workflow for pressure transient interpretation from an increasingly wider variety of sources. This allows the engineer to:

  • Readily access data delivered by service companies in DLIS or LAS format (with no data size limitations)
  • Display and validate data more quickly using an intuitive interface
  • Generate and validate multiple models for each test
  • Collate and compare the test results with other quality control items to perform additional interpretation (such as gradient analysis)

These product enhancements and the tighter integration with Paradigm Geolog 6.7 ensure that Interpret continues to be a robust and versatile tool for petroleum and reservoir engineers. Now petrophysicists looking to maximize the available wireline formation and pressure transient test information can also benefit from Interpret.

  • Improves the likelihood of diagnosing the correct reservoir behavior by providing additional data to interpret
  • Offers flexible controls including the ability to automatically adjust the rate history to improve the generated response

Paradigm Interpret continues to offer proven interpretation methods, powerful modeling and ease of use and is an integral part of the Paradigm Formation Evaluation software solution.

product:Paradigm Interpret 2009