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WinQuake v3.1.4b

WinQuake was written to view and analyze Public Seismic Network (PSN), Princeton Earth Physics Project (PEPP), SAC Binary, GSE2.0, Lamont AH (XDR), and Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data (SEED) volumes available on the Internet.

New Features:
Improved SAC Binary Support
Lamont AH (XDR) Event File Support (Read Only)
Export of Raw FFT Data


  • Event distance and magnitude calculation
  • Displays frequency spectrum (FFT) graph of the data set
  • Calculate lowpass, highpass, notch and bandpass FFT digital filters on the data set
  • Calculate lowpass or highpass Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters on the data set
  • External ASCII table files for both phase travel-time and magnitude calculation
  • Jeffreys-Bullen (JB) and IASP91 travel-time tables for accurate distance and time of origin calculation
  • Calculate Ml, Ms, and Md magnitudes
  • Display arrival times for phases like PP, Pp, SS, SSS, PcP etc
  • Convert event files between Public Seismic Network, Binary SAC and ASCII formats
  • Export and Import data to and from ASCII text files
  • Calculate and locate the P and S markers if the event location and time are known
  • Built in Great Circle distance and azimuth calculator
  • Processing of event report services available on the Internet to update event file information
  • Historical event database lookup
  • Toolbar for commonly used commands
  • Data Integration
  • Send event files via Email directly from WinQuake
  • Request event files from PSN stations around the world
  • Web page based online documentation

product:WinQuake v3.1.4b