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PetrisWinds Recall 5.2

PetrisWINDS Recall Overview

PetrisWINDS Recall is the industry-leading solution for handling, storing and processing well bore data. It is established as an industry standard database with many clients adopting Recall at a corporate level.

The design of PetrisWINDS Recall is the result of the integration of geological, geophysical and petrophysical data in a geoscientific environment and its scope extends well beyond the simple wire-line well log data. The system provides comprehensive history tracking, identifying work flow, and maintenance of key environmental information. One key feature of PetrisWINDS Recall is its tight coupling with a number of applications and utilities; click the link above for PetrisWINDS Recall G&G Applications to learn more about these industry-leading applications and utilities for the processing, analysis and viewing of wellbore data.
product:PetrisWinds Recall 5.2