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Encom ModelVision Pro 9.0

Encom is proud to release ModelVision
Pro 9.0, which continues the tradition
in software releases of presenting
innovative modelling techniques
for magnetics and gravity data.
This exciting release of the industry
standard in potential feld modelling
software allows the extraction and
utilisation of more information from
new generation instrumentation and
effcient semi-automation of target
and regional area modelling.
New Features
At a glance
Joint Inversion
ModelVision is now capable of
inverting on multiple sensor channels
from modern instruments including
cross-wing gradiometers full tensor
gravity and magnetic gradiometers,
and multi-component fuxgate arrays.
Joint inversion supports the elliptical
pipe, tabular body and circular pipe.
New Circular Pipe Body
A new body type has been
introduced which contains two less
parameters than the elliptical pipe.
Data Wizard
Drawing a polygon or rectangle in map
view with the Data Wizard extracts the
contained line and grid data, sets the
regional and opens active cross-sections.
This speeds up advanced 3D modelling
and inversion of anomalies of interest.
Body Sub-Division
It is now possible to sub-divide a
Product:Encom ModelVision Pro 9.0