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Roxar Tempest 6.5.2 Win32&X64

Tempest 6.5.2 is the latest version of Roxar\’s advanced reservoir simulation software suite. It is a modern next-generation simulator that brings the latest technology, productivity and simulation techniques to your team.It support  Win32 and win64 system operation.

Key benefits include:

  • Extended parallel processing capabilities
  • Speed improvements in both serial and parallel simulation runs
  • Faster simulation runs with greater levels of detail

Key developments include:

  •  Advanced parallel processing capabilities which include speed improvements in both serial and parallel simulation runs.  Tempest™ 6.5 supports full parallel simulation on the latest multi-core workstations and clusters, allowing the user to generate rapid results and maximize returns from hardware investments. Tempest™ 6.5’s new algebraic multigrid linear solver shows significant speed up for models with high permeability contrast channels such as the SPE 10 benchmark problem.
  •  A modern and easy to use interfacewhich will help engineers become more productive more quickly. Advanced pre and post processing capabilities include a property calculator, 3D cross sections and well-well cross sections, enhanced line graphs and data display, enhanced summary vectors display and well filters, improved  property statisticsand an event timeline on 2D graphs. Multiple 3D views can also be displayed at once.
  •  A new simple network model based on group control to model flow from wells. Additional features for Tempest™ 6.5 include influence function tables for aquifers, end point scaling for imbibition, temperature variation of viscosity for all phases, and the O-method foraccurately modeling flow in distorted grids.

Product:Roxar Tempest 6.5.2 Win32&X64