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Synopsys Tcad Taurus Tsuprem4 2009.06 Linux64

Installing the Software
The TCAD tools use the Synopsys Installer tool, which allows you to use a
graphical user interface (GUI) or a text script. For information about
downloading Synopsys Installer and the TCAD tools, see Installing Synopsys
Tools, available at
To install the TCAD tools by EST or from the CD, follow the procedures
described in Installing Synopsys Tools.
Installing Synopsys Tools shows an example Synopsys media installation script
for the synthesis tools. The TCAD software is installed in a similar manner.
The TCAD tools are stand-alone products and cannot be installed over other
existing Synopsys products. You must create a new directory for each TCAD
product (such as Sentaurus, Taurus, Raphael NXT).
Sentaurus can be installed in the same Sentaurus directory (STROOT) used for
earlier Sentaurus releases (this is recommended). However, do not install
Sentaurus in an ISE directory (ISEROOT) containing an earlier ISE TCAD
software release.
product:Synopsys Tcad Taurus Tsuprem4 2009.06 Linux64